Youth Support Work


The aim of our work is to befriend the young person and establish a positive working relationship. We offer a support service specificially tailored to each young persons individual needs on a one to one basis through direct referral from the social work department in Tusla Sligo, Leitrim & West Cavan areas. 

The service caters to young people aged 10 - 18 years old (8 year olds in the exception of a referral made along with their older sibling age 10+)

Following the referral the social worker and youth support worker will meet with the primary carer to discuss the young persons needs, identify their areas of interest and formulate a schedule. This partnership will include meeting on aregular basis to include linking with community services and actvities including, G.A.A., Youth clubs, Afterschool programmes, Scouts, Music, Art/Drama classes etc. 

Relationships are developed, emotional & behavioural difficulties can be addressed in a caring, safe and supportive envioronment enabling the young person to make positive choices.

There are 6 Youth Support workers assigned to the Social work teams in Sligo, Leitirm and West Cavan areas. 


Youth Support Worker

  • After School service including one to one support
  • needs & interests of young person discussed and appropriate activities planned
  • programmes delivered - Trips and outings organised
  • The young persons participation in the programme will be monitored at on a regular basis
  • Linking up with other groups & agencies